Arthritis Pain Relief

December 9, 2008 by admin  
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Arthritis pain is debilitating. I know because I suffer from arthritis of the neck. It can stop you from doing almost everything that you used to enjoy doing. Even the simple act of getting out of a chair can cause agony for severe arthritis sufferers. Even if you only suffer from minor arthritis you will notice that everyday tasks can become somewhat difficult, particularly as colder weather sets in. There are many arthritis treatment options for you and this article will focus on some of the most well respected and successful treatments for arthritis.

When you visit a doctor and are diagnosed with arthritis you may be given medications such as pain relief or other prescription drugs. Not everybody feels confident taking prescription medication due to the unknown side effects and long term problems they may cause. If you are uncomfortable with these medications then consider a natural remedy for arthritis pain. Natural arthritis treatment options are becoming a very popular choice as more and more spread the word of their success via the internet.

Natural choices can include apple cider vinegar (which has many other health benefits too), MSM, glucosamine sulfate, bromelain based supplements, fish oil and of course exercise and stretching. Undertaking gentle stretches of the affected areas morning and night can greatly assist in pain relief and improve flexibility. Areas that are not arthritis riddled should still be exercised regularly to avoid any future occurrence of arthritis.

Other non-prescription medication for arthritis pain includes topical analgesics that are available over the counter at a pharmacy. One all natural topical that works really well is called “Stop Pain“.  You can even get it with MSM, Glucosamine and Boswella extract. You’ll find it at most health food stores and even some drug stores. I think Stop Pain works much better than BioFreeze, another popular topical.

You should consider all options when it comes to arthritis pain relief and arthritis treatment. Consult your doctor before trying any new arthritis pain remedy and always let your doctor know about any natural treatment you are experimenting with.