Medical Symptoms Diagnosis Online

December 11, 2008 by admin  
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Medical symptoms diagnosis online is becoming a common approach for people who wish to gain an idea what they may be suffering from. Of course, researching your symptoms online and jumping to conclusions that you have the worst possible illness is not ideal.

You should always consult your doctor before embarking on your treatment plan, but researching your symptoms online can give you a good idea of the possibilities and if what you are suffering from may be serious, or if it is something simple that can be rectified by diet or natural remedies.

There are now many authority sites that have thousands of symptoms and possible conditions relating to those symptoms. Some sites are run by professional medical organizations while others are run by individuals who are experienced in medical related topics. These types of sites will have information that is not found anywhere else and the best part is that it is usually free.

Some of the best medical symptoms diagnosis online sites include:

WebMD Symptom Checker
WedMD is an authority medical website containing information about hundreds of conditions. Their symptoms checker section is an advanced knowledge base that will contain the information you are searching for. There is also an image of a human body that you can click and you are then taken to a short survey where you answer a few questions to get detailed information about symptoms.

Healthline Symptom Search
Simply enter your symptoms into the search box and Healthline will come back with many possibilities. Just enter a few letters into the search box and it will present you with many possible symptoms.

MedicineNet Symptoms & Signs A-Z List
There is an advanced search option here or you can simply browse the symptoms in the A-Z list.

MayoClinic Symptom Checker
MayoClinic is another online authority health website and their Symptom Checker is easy to use and detailed. It is divided into adult symptoms and child symptoms to give you a more accurate result.

The above sites will provide you with an overview of symptoms and possible conditions. Always see your doctor to confirm any illness and treatment path.